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Healthcare shouldn’t be hard. Personal Concierge MD gives you the capability to augment your healthcare seamlessly. Experience the difference of having your own Personal Concierge MD – affordably and in a location convenient to you.

Now see Dr. Hayes whenever and however you need.

For over 17 years, Dr. Jason Hayes has been providing world class healthcare to individuals just like you who care about living their best life. We started small and we’ve built this business with a concierge mindset. Serving you well is all that matters.

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Dr. Jason Hayes


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Christopher B.

The level of personal attention was refreshing and I definitely got the feeling that I was not part of an assembly line. Everything was clean and well organized. He was serious about personal safety and protection during covid.

Briana H.

Dr. Hayes was very attentive, patient, and understanding. He met all of my needs and he has gained me as a patient. I look forward to working with him as my primary care physician.

Matt K.

I would recommend Dr. Hayes for male and female prospective patients of all ages, but as a 40 year old man, he is an excellent resource that can completely guide me through things to focus. This is perfect for busy people that want 1:1 help at any time.

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