Is It Low Testosterone?


Dr. Jason T. Hayes

Testosterone is a male sex hormone. It plays a key role in male sexual and physical health. As men age, testosterone in their body may lower causing "Low T".</p.

Conditions that may cause or contribute to Low T are:

  • Obesity
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Liver Disease
  • Treatment with certain steroids or painkillers
  • Injury or infection of the testicles

What Are the Symptoms of Low T?

  • Less interest in sex
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Less bone and muscle mass
  • Tired and having trouble concentrating

How is Low T Diagnosed?

    • Physical exam and testosterone blood test ordered by your doctor.
    • If you have Low T, more blood tests may be needed to find the cause.

How is Low Testosterone Treated?

      • Testosterone replacement therapy can treat Low T if it's primary failure.
      • It can be treated with an injection, patch, cream or gel (Avoid using around children and women in reproductive age.)

*Of note, other causes of Low T may need other treatments and a Endocrinologist (hormone specialist) referral.

Facts from American College of Physicians Patient Education Center


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