Why Us?

Concierge Medicine


Membership Plan Details


Member Benefits

  • Same day or next day appointments!
  • Telemedicine visits!
  • Comprehensive annual exam!
  • Personalized coaching for healthy lifestyles!
  • Referral(s) to Top Notch Academic Center(s) for Difficult Cases!
  • Physician contact via email, text or cell phone 24 hours-7 days a week!
  • VIP Packages include home visits!


"The College supports physician and patient choice of practices that are accessible, viable, and ethical. "

Value of Personalized Service

"Retainer fees may cover personalized services or special amenities, such as extended patient visits......private waiting areas, and coordination with specialists."

Effect on Costs

"....advocates assert that price transparency, competition, lower administrative costs, and patients accepting more personal responsibility for the cost of their care will keep out-of-pocket costs and overall spending down to a competitive and affordable level."