Better than a "routine visit". This is how health should be.

We don’t do long waiting lines here. No more being treated like a number. Welcome to Personal Concierge MD.

You might be surprised what Dr. Hayes can do for your health.

Dr. Hayes cares about one singular thing when it comes to his patients: you reaching your optimal health. Period. The range through which he can deliver that is incredible: from personal concierge services to telemedicine and even a special focus for our vets, Dr. Hayes proves time and time again that there are no limitations to excellence when it comes to our patients.

Concierge Medicine Services

This Doctor Still Takes House Calls
Struggle no more to find reliable, personal medical attention. Dr. Hayes has helped hundreds of his concierge patients optimize their health and therefore live better lives by making personalized healthcare a part of their care routine.

  • Same day or next day appointments
  • Telemedicine visits
  • Comprehensive annual exam
  • Personal coaching for your healthiest lifestyle
  • Referrals to Top Notch Academic Centers for intricate cases
  • Accessibility to Dr. Hayes via email, text or cellphone 24/7
  • VIP packages include home visits

New to Concierge Medicine?
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The American College of Physicians (ACP) supports your choice of concierge practices that are accessible, viable and ethical. The retainer fees you pay cover personalized services or special amenities like extended patient visits and coordination with specialists. Below is the ACP’s Position Paper on Concierge Medicine that we encourage you to read for more info.

Telemedicine Services

Now meet with Dr. Hayes safely from the comfort of your home.
With COVID-19 still a major issue to contend with, Dr. Hayes is making it easier for you to still take care of your health safely.

  • Remote clinical services
  • Real-time, two-way communication with you and Dr. Hayes
  • Skip the trip to the doctor’s office
  • Affordable appointments
  • Same quality of care Dr. Hayes always gives

Veterans Services

Dr. Hayes has a heart for our veterans. We will see you here at Personal Concierge MD.
Coming from a family of veterans, Dr. Hayes understands and appreciates you.

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Now as a Personal Concierge MD patient, you can access Dr. Hayes from your smartphone, iPad, laptop–you name it. Book your appointment online, text and more!